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Helin Celik, Martin Klingenböck | Türkei, Österreich 2017 | 75 Min. | OmeU

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Dieser Film ist nominiert für den Austrian Documentary Award (ADA).


Die meisten jesidischen Frauen aus den nördlichen Regionen Iraks und Syriens haben durch die Angriffe des sogenannten Islamischen Staats alles verloren. Als Vertriebene sind sie gestrandet in einem türkischen Flüchtlingslager – festsitzend zwischen dem verwüsteten Heimatland und ihrem Ziel Europa. Der Film erzählt in ausdrucksvollen Bildern die ergreifenden Geschichten dreier Jesidinnen, die mit ihren Familien im Camp leben.


Helin Celik is a theater artist with Kurdish roots who was born in Turkey in 1991. She holds a diploma in degree in Theatre and has specialized in Theatre of the Oppressed. She's passionate about different aspects of humans and their interaction within past and present societies. As a woman being born and brought up in a country in Middle East where issues involving womens’ status are pretty different from anywhere in the West helped her discovering that her interests are particularly focused on institutional oppression and gender problematic in eastern countries. 

Helin Celik has directing and screenwriting experience in several short movies. This film is her first feature-length documentary.

Martin Klingenboeck, born in 1986 in Austria is an experienced cinematographer specializing in documentary films. Martin's resume of film and videography includes productions for various German and Austrian channels e.g. ORF and ARTE as well as independent film networks. His style represents a concept of visuals that stand beyond the aesthetic aspects, that carries, follows and strengthens the story where the camera can capture and reveal the transparency and the perception of images drawn by the thoughts and emotions. 

As cinematographer Martin Klingenboeck has shot several short and feature-length documentaries. This film is his first feature-length documentary as director.