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Overview of Competitions

IDA – International Documentary Award

IDA celebrates documentary film as a dynamic art form and honours its rich diversity: here the format has no limits and submissions from classic to animated documentary formats are equally welcome. This competition category is dedicated to outstanding works that go beyond the factual communication of content and stimulate a reflexive and innovative analysis of human lifeworlds and societies. Films from any region and on any subject are welcome, as long as people are at the center of their focus. Prize money: EUR 1.000.-

• International documentaries, traditional to experimental
• Length: min. 45 minutes

EVA – Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award

This competition reflects the diversity of ethnographic films and honors outstanding achievements and innovative works that contribute to a progressive understanding of Visual Anthropology. Films made within academic research as well as independent productions will be accepted. Traditional and experimental methods and approaches are equally welcome, as long as they correspond to anthropological principles in perspective and style. Prize money: EUR 1.000.-

• Innovative films in the field of Visual Anthropology
• Length: min. 45 minutes

ADA – Austrian Documentary Award

To promote Austrian Documentaries an international jury selects the best Austrian documentary film. Films with a minimum length of 45 minutes can be submitted for this category either if they are produced by an Austrian production company or if the director lives and/or works in Austria. Prize money: EUR 1.000.-

• Films by Austrian production companies or by directors with residence in Austria
• Length: min. 45 minutes

ISA – International Shorts Award

The International Shorts Award (ISA) pays well-deserved attention to the genre of short films within the festival program. Nominated documentaries stand out due to their range of subjects and show the dynamics and expressive possibilities of the short film format. Submissions to this category cannot be longer than 45 minutes. Apart from this formal requirement, there are no limits to their audio-visual style. The audience will elect the winning film of this competition. Prize money: EUR 500.-

• International short documentaries, traditional to experimental
• Length: max. 45 minutes

ESSA – Ethnocineca Student Shorts Award

Young talents – Big cinema! With ESSA, ethnocineca attends to the multifaceted inspiration of young documentary filmmaking. The award not only presents an international platform for young filmmakers but allows the participants to discuss their works with more established filmmakers and a large festival audience. Student works and first works from the documentary field and ethnographic filmmaking with a maximum length of 30 minutes can enter this competition. ESSA is an audience award. Prize money: EUR 500.-

• Student works and first works
• Length: max. 30 minutes