Round Table: Waiting and Acting – The role of the camera in times of social upheaval

Boris Svartzman und Dimitra Kofti in conversation with Marie-Christine Hartig

Unemployment, displacement and a lack of future prospects run alongside the promise of capitalism and economic progress. The two films Cracks and A new Era move between waiting and acting, questions of economic and social upheaval and the power of political narratives in documentary filmmaking amid (post-)socialist and capitalist realities.

Boris Svartzman has accompanied the residents of the city of Guangzhou for seven years in their resistance to displacement from their homes. They oppose the dislocation of the old quarter and the gentrification with its supposed economic and social promises. Cracks, in turn, presents the impact of historical and economic changes on post-Soviet / post-socialist realities. From the industrial rise and subsequent decline, Cracks accompanies the residents of the Bulgarian city of Pernik through a time of upheavals and change.

Conversation in English.
In cooperation with Weltmuseum Wien und dok.at