Distribute! Ethnographic Films – ONLINE CONFERENCE


Distribute 2020 is a virtual anthropology conference streaming audio-visual panels and live nodes. Organised by the Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) and the Society für Visual Anthropology (SVA), the theme – #Distribute – attends to contemporary anthropological and visual practices, theories, forms of distribution and redistribution, and seeks to re-distribute conventional conference formats. It is a hybrid experiment in creating community through a combination of virtual conferencing and in-person nodes. 

Ethnographic film festivals have long been an important platform for the presentation of films produced by and with anthropologists and are committed to linking anthropologists to a wider audience. In this round-table, we explore the ways in which anthropological knowledge can reach the audience, and ask about the role of ethnographic film festivals in this process.

On May 8, the ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna and the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab of the University of Vienna, organise a local Vienna Distribute node. With this publicly accessible session we continue to strengthen the Visual Anthropology community within Vienna, and internationally, despite the current situation of social distancing. 

Panel Participants: Marie-Christine Hartig, Andy Lawrence, Viktoria Paar, Katja Seidel, Christos Varvantakis, Werner Zips; Chair: Sanderien Verstappen

Organised in cooperation with the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology / University of Vienna