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International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2016
May 17th - 22nd 2016 | Votiv Kino, De France & Volkskundemuseum Wien

Sunday, 22.05.2016, 17:30
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal | tickets

Branko Istvancic | Croatia 2013 | 52 Min. | OV w/Engl.Subs.

The vital idea behind the film Album is the protagonist's attempt to re-establish a normal post-war life, searching for family photographs lost in the war on the territory of former Yugoslavia. In this poetic film essay, parts of which were filmed by a Super 8 camera, writer Miroslav Kirin is making an attempt at reconstructing a family album with photos destroyed in the war, when his family was forced to leave their home in occupied Petrinja. After the war he finds unusual 'compensation': having returned, instead of his family photographs, he finds an undeveloped negative left by the unknown Serbian family who lived in his house during occupation. Ironically and emotionally, these photos become a part of his family album.


Branko Istvancic was born in Subotica. He graduated in film direction in Zagreb. He has continuously been involved with documentary films and has received many domestic and international awards for his works. The critics consider his documentary The Cormorant Scarecrow (1998), to be one of the best Croatian documentaries of the nineties. His debut The Ghost in the Swamp was a box-office hit in national cinemas.


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