Families at Risk

In Focus: Families at Risk

What are the challenges when dealing with the history of your own family? In the focus program Families at Risk we present movies of filmmakers, who audio-visually trace their own family histories. These are stories often closely interwoven with global political questions and societal change.

There is the search for traces of ones own grandmother in the historical embroilments of the Japanese-Korean war (Yukiko), the tracking down of the family´s role in the former communist regime of Bulgaria (I see red People) and the questioning of a daughter-father relationship in the context of Catholic missionary work and development aid in Nigeria (Rote Erde Weißer Schnee). In Mamacita and Dans l’Oeil du Chien, we follow the filmmakers´ attempts of assessing the past of their grandmothers that confront their families and us, the audience, with the full range of emotions.


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