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Keynote & Opening Party


Friday, 04.05.2018, 7 pm | Votiv Kino, Gr.Saal 

KEYNOTE | Dr. Paolo Favero | University of Antwerp


The digitized habitats of the world today are witnessing the consolidation of a new ecology of images. Relational, material, haptic and immersive by nature, “new images” seem to promote also new practices of image-making characterised by non-linearity, interactivity and new forms of participation. Yet, what does this mean for the way the practice of ethnographic documentary film is evolving and especially for its capacity to promote instances of social intervention and advocacy? The present talk dives into this terrain from the vantage point of a particular documentary project born in India in 2002 in the aftermath of the Gujarat carnage. An audio-visual database created by a small group of artists/activists animated by the desire to generate material that could be used by filmmakers, lawyers, human rights organizations, etc., The Shared Footage Group’s project is probably a precursor of what today we call non-linear, interactive documentary. Constituted by images filmed in different formats and with different perspectives, and funded entirely by donations (so as to remove it from any possible forms of control) this archive managed, however, not to have the desired impact. The images got dispersed, migrating between a number of different actors and archives. This failure forces us hence to enquire into the destiny of raw footage - Can raw footage ever exist? Can documentary film live in the absence of authorship? What is the future of documentary film in a world increasingly characterised by the merging of the digital and the visual?

Keynote held in Englisch.


Friday, 04.05.2018, 10.30 pm | Votiv Kino, Café & Foyer


We’re inviting everybody after our opening film Der Mensch ist ein schöner Gedanke to join us for our official festival opening party in the café and the foyer of the Votiv Kino.

With wonderful wine – provided by Family Ebinger – and a small buffet by Café Afro we want to celebrate the festival opening together with our sponsors, filmmakers, audience and the whole team. The evening’s musical highlight will be Julian Horn (Edition Hawara), turning his turntables for a vibrant start in the festival week.