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Roser Corella | Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Spain 2017 | 85 Min. | OmeU

Monday, 07.05.2018, 8 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1

Q&A with Roser Corella and Gazi Babayarova, a Kyrgyz activist who was kidnapped for marriage when she was young and she escaped. Since then she's working against the practice of bride kidnapping.

This film is nominated for the International Documentary Award (IDA).


Since Kyrgyzstan gained its Independence in 1991, there has been a revival of the ancient practice of Ala-Kachuu, which translates roughly as "grab and run". More than half Kyrgyz women are married after being kidnapped by the men who become their husbands. Some escaped after violent ordeals, but most are persuaded to stay by tradition and fear of scandal. Although the practice is said to have its root in nomadic customs, the tradition remains at odds with modern Kyrgyzstan. Ala-Kachuu was outlawed during the Soviet era and remains illegal under the Kyrgyz criminal code, but the law has rarely been enforced to protect women from this violent practice.


  • Best International Documentary at DocLA - Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival 2017
  • Best film "A different tomorrow section" at Reykjavik Film Festival 2017
  • Best International Film Award at Festival of Ethnological Film in Belgrade 2017
  • Saratov Region Governor's Award "Harmony Saratov" at Saratovskie Stradania Documentary Film festival Russia, 2017
  • Critics Award for Best Film - Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM-PNR 2017 
  • Best film on gender equality - Cine Invisible "Film Sozialak" 2017
  • Special Mention at MARFICI - Festival de Cine Independiente del Mar de Plata


  • Frontera-Sur Festival Internacional de Cine de No-ficción, Xile 2017
  • Festival de Cine por los Derechos Humanos de Bogotá 2017
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible "Film Sozialak Bilbao" 2017
  • Directed by Women Spain 2017
  • Evolution Mallorca Film Festival 2017
  • Festival de Cine de Madrid PNR 2017
  • Muestra de Cine Mujer en Escena, Màlaga 2017
  • Etnovideográfica - International Ethnographyc Festival 2017
  • MiradasDoc 2018
  • Antropofest Prague 2018
  • Festival de Derechos Humanos de València 2018
  • FEM CINE - Festival de Cine de Mujeres Buenos Aires 2018