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Abeer Zeibak Haddad | Palestine 2016 | 57 Min. | OmeU

Monday, 07.05.2018, 6 pm tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal

Q&A with Abeer Zeibak Haddad

This film is nominated for the International Documentary Award (IDA).


Women of Freedom follows the stories of women who were murdered in the name of 'Honor Killing', in the Arab and Palestinian society. This documentary aims to unravel the social and political circumstances that lead to this troubling phenomenon.

The director, who witnessed such tragedy in her own life, embarks on a journey – wandering through Israel and Palestine, collecting various stories of the victims, the survivors and the killers themselves. The film wishes to encourage a discussion on this silenced and controversial problem that many societies are still afflicted by.


Abeer Zeibak Haddad is a Palestinian filmmaker, theater director and actress. She teaches in this field at the Beit-Berl College. Abeer was born in Nazareth and lives in Jaffa. She received her MA in the Arts of Theatre from Tel Aviv University and then she entered a career in the arts. Amongst her theatrical work are ‘Aunt Reem’, and ‘Chocolates’ both winning numerous awards at the International Children’s Play Festival in Haifa. In 2011, Abeer produced and directed her first documentary “Duma” which received the Best Television and Video Professional Production award at Urban TV 2012(Madrid). Her second film, "Women of Freedom" (2016), had participated in Haifa International Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival BARCELONA and several other acclaimed film festivals.


  • Haifa Film Festival 2016
  • Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona 2017
  • Chichseter Film Festival 2017
  • London Feminist Film Festival 2017
  • International Images Film Festival for Women 2017
  • Arab Film Festival 2017
  • United Nations Association Film Festival 2017
  • Cameroon International Film Festival 2018