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Alfoz Tanjour | Syria, Qatar, Austria 2016 | 108 Min. | OmeU

Saturday, 05.05.2018, 6 pm tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal

Q&A with Alfoz Tanjour

This film is nominated for the International Documentary Award (IDA).


"Strangely, as soon as I arrived with my family at a modest refugee camp in the heart of Europe, I started to seek refuge in my memories. The memories I had left at our doorstep over there. But the images this time were faint…fast…broken. They were all in khaki; images of the bitter hideaway years endured by Sanaa in Damascus, the lingering nights that Ibrahim spent in a dark prison, the deep persisting pain suffered by Khalid in exile, and the dream of a free homeland which is all that remains for Shadi!!" A Memory in Khaki is a cry out breath for that which is embattled inside the spirits of individuals who lived under the Syrian oppressive regime. The auteur's personal narrative is interwoven with those of other Syrian characters who were forced, because of their political beliefs, to leave the country before or after the revolution. The film sheds light on years of silence, fear and terror, and it dives into the stories which were behind the eruption of the Syrian society and the start of its revolution. It is a Syrian account which, by laying out the past, tells the story of the future.


Alfoz Tanjour is a Syrian director born in 1975 and currently residing in Vienna, Austria. He studied Film Directing in the Academy of Fine Arts in the Republic of Moldova between 2000 and 2004. Since his graduation, Alfoz has directed many short films, among them (The End of a Red Balloon) and (A Little Sun) that won the Bronze Tanit Award at the Carthage Film Festival in 2008 and the Special Jury Prize at the Mons Festival in Belgium in 2009.

He also directed a numerous documentaries, among them are: (Damascus.. Symphony of a City), (Black Stone), (Cola Bridge), (Outside the City’s Walls), (Faraway, so Close to the Homeland) and (Wooden Rifle) which won the Public Liberties and Human Rights award at the Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival in 2013 and the Gold Panda for best production at the International Gold Panda Awards for Documentary in China, in 2014.  Alfoz is currently preparing for his first feature-length narrative film.


  •  Grand Mayor’s Prize at Yamagata Documentary International Film Festival 2017 / Japan
  •  Best Director at Malmo Arab Film Festival 2017 / Sweden
  • Karama’s Feather Award for Best documentary film at Karama Human Rights Festival in Amman 2017


  •  Grand Mayor’s Prize at Yamagata Documentary International Film Festival 2017 / Japan
  • Dubai International Film Festival 2016
  • Canadian Documentary International Film Festival / HOTDOCS 2017 / Toronto
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017 / Czech Republic
  • Bergen International Film Festival 2017 / Norway
  • Montpellier International Film Festival 2017 / France
  • Dok Leipzig International Film Festival 2017 / Germany
  • Denver International Film Festival 2017 / USA
  • Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2017 / Jordan / Nominated for Best Arab Documentary Film Award for the year 2017