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Nicolas Pradal, Pierre Selvini | France 2016 | 105 Min. | OmeU

Saturday, 05.05.2018, 8 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1

Q&A with Nicolas Pradal and Pierre Selvini

This film is nominated for the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA).

Little Derreck, a native American of the Wayana tribe on the river Maroni in French Guyana, brings us into his world. We follow his dreams and reality in a context of cultural, social and identity crisis. Where generations live side by side without understanding each other. Grandmother Malilou's memories show us her youth in the fifties. Young Sylvana's dreams idealize her boyfriend from a different tribe. Young Stéphane's fantasies take place in Kourou in the European Space Port. Derreck dreams about mythological Wayana warriors.

"Anuktatop", meaning metamorphosis in Wayana, displays a universe where Times mingle between memories of the Elders and future perspectives of the Younger in this remote territory in the French Amazonian Forest.


Nicolas Pradal - Director, author, producer: Nicolas Pradal was born in Meaux (France) in 1984. Being a bad young pupil, he ends up doing a Carpentry degree. In the meanwhile his uncle, a philosophy teacher, gives him the passion for cinema. After studies in Sociology and Anthropology, he enters the ESAV (Toulouse's audio-visual superior school). His graduation movie "Les rêves et la loi" (dreams and laws) frontly shows the complex situation of Aboriginal people in Australia. This trip is the key to many subjects he has been studying since then. In 2009 he begins a documentary in French Guyana in Native American territory. This touchy topic brings him to the point where he decides to make participative movies. He directs the 52 minutes "La Jeunesse du Fleuve" (The river's youth) in partnership with Les Films du Sud as a producer, then co-directs Anuktatop la métamorphose (Anuktatop the metamorphosis) with

Pierre Selvini - Director, author, producer, composer, sound engineer: On his arrival in Paris, he first worked as a sound engineer and composer, but in parallel develops a project and a friendship with Nicolas Pradal. Their willingness to get involved humanely with natives in French Guiana will push them to create an associative, participatory project that will last more than 7 years. A first conclusion with the film "Youth of the river" give them the will to go further in film research, both in substance and in form, and so the film Anuktatop: the metamorphosis culmination of a long artistic work and a human success on indigenous territory. During these years, he continues to work in parallel on set or in post-production as an engineer sound, director or assistant director on smaller projects (short films, institutionals, advertisings).


  • Special Jury's Prize FIFE, Paris 2016


  • IDFA 2016 Competition for First Appearance