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Liivo Niglas | Russia (Siberia), Estonia 2017 | 78 Min. | OmeU

Sunday, 06.05.2018, 6 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1

Im Anschluss Q&A mit Liivo Niglas

This film is nominated for the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA).


The Land of Love is a documentary film about reindeer, oil, politics and poetry. It tells a story about Yuri Vella, a Forest Nenets reindeer herder and poet who lives in the taiga of Western Siberia, and who tries to prove that one person can stand against the great power that is destroying the environment of the native people.

Vella calls the Land of Love a piece of the forest tundra where each autumn his reindeer mate. The same area is a favoured hunting ground for employees of Lukoil, a company that pumps oil in the region. For many years already, Yuri has tried to chase the Lukoil people away from the Land of Love because the noise of cars and rifle shots and the ruckus caused by boozing oil workers disturbs the mating of reindeer. Yuri uses several unusual resistance methods to chase the oil workers away, including filming the intruders and writing poems on the subject. 


Liivo Niglas is currently a research fellow at the department of ethnology in University of Tartu, Estonia. He runs an independent production company, Mp Doc, for anthropological documentary films. He has made films in Siberia, Africa, Central Asia and North America.


  • Cine Blend, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (13.-23.06.2017)
  • Finno-Ugric Film Festival, Tsiistre, Estonia, 2017 (28.06 -01.07.2017)
  • Opening film Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia (20.09. - 24.09.2017)
  • Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films "People and Environment", Irkuts, Russia (5.- 10.2017)
  • Festival International Jean Rouch, Paris, France (11.-18.11.2017)
  • Anthropological Film Festival at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jerusaelm, Israel (28.-30.11.2017)
  • Russian Open International Documentary Film Festival “Artdocfest” 6.12.-12.12.2017)


  • The National Estonian Film and Television Award 2016 (March 2017): The Best Documentary
  • Annual Award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment 2016 (January 2017): Documentary of the Year
  • Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia (September 2017): 1st Prize (Man and Nature)
  • Festival international Jean Rouch, Paris, France (November 2017): Prix Fleury Doc