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The Men who keep watch

Diane Sorin | France 2017 | 80 Min. | OmeU

Thursday, 10.05.2018, 6 pm tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal



The Men Who Keep Watch gives the viewer a complete immersion into the daily life of the funeral services society team in Paris. Night and day, these undertakers, who are in charge of the disposal and transportation of the corpses, deal with the ordinarity by the sheer strength of their arms. Before and after every mission, they all gather in the "Dépôt": a big underground technical warehouse under the administration building, sheltered from the town, as well as from direct sunlight. Both changing room and technical space, the "Dépôt" functions as a space of collective stress-relief for the men “who keep watch“.


Born in 1979 in Paris, Diane Sorin studied drawing and photography in Strasbourg and Berlin. After two years she spent in Spain, working on her own photographic project, she returned to Paris and now works as a visual artist for feature films (as a painter and drawer). In 2012, she collaborated as a director of photography on a documentary film for the first time and started to engage with the production of videos. In 2013, she followed the documentary filmmaking workshop of the Atelier Varan in Paris. During this period of research, she met the protagonists of her first film « Des hommes qui veillent », that she starts to shoot on her own just after the workshop.




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