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Julia Mironova | Russia, Finland, Netherlands 2017 | 65 Min. | OmeU

Thursday, 10.05.2018, 4.30 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1

Q&A with Julia Mironova



The Besermyans were mentioned in the Russian Chronicles as early as the 13th century, but in the 1930s the nation disappeared without a trace. It happened due to the state policy of forming a new Soviet community by assigning smaller ethnic groups to bigger ones. The only specific feature that remains: the unique way of singing called Krezh. Folklore singer Maria Korepanova tries to preserve the Nation singing and spreading Krezh, while activist Valerian Sabrekov tries to remind fellow tribesmen who they are. A humorous story of a non-humorous question: national identity in a globalizing world.


Julia Mironova is a director, producer and scriptwriter. She graduated in 1999 from the Romanic and Germanic Philology Department of Khakas State University and in 2007 from the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art as film director. Since 2005 she works as a director on different TV-channels in Saint-Petersburg and makes documentary films.

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