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Mehdi Ghanavati | Iran 2017 | 58 Min. | OmeU

Tuesday, 08.05.2018, 4.30 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1



Abdolhassan lives with his four wives and 24 children in the Buschehr Province in the south of Iran. Together they built their own village, which has electricity, a school for the children and a hussainia, a religious assembly room. The family lives mainly from farming and animal husbandry. The tasks in the village, such as cooking and herding, are shared by the women. They are thankful for the company and help of each other, since they couldn’t manage all the work alone.


Born in Hendijan, 1981

Associate degree filmmaking graduate from Suoreh University of Ahwaz

Starting professional activities in 2002
Filmmaking BA graduate from Tehran in 2013
Filmmaker and photographer


  • Best middle length documentary in international section (Cinema Vérité International Film Festival, Teheran, 2016)


  • Cinema Vérité International Film Festival, Teheran (2016)