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Immortal Sergeant

Ziad Kalthoum | Syria, Lebanon 2014 | 75 Min. | OmeU

Wednesday, 09.05.2018, 10 pm tickets
De France | Saal 1



A cinema that has been vacant for 15 years becomes a military base in Damascus and Ziad Kalthoum is stationed there as a sergeant. Secretly, he tries to film his everyday life with a small handheld camera, the interviews that emerge show a very personal picture of a torn country, the omnipresent fear of intelligence, the reports of captivity and torture and of relatives and neighbors who died or fled in the war. A courageous film in search of peace and freedom.


Ziad Kalthoum ist 1981 in Homs (Syrien) geboren. Er studierte Film und ist Regieassistent für Film und Fernsehserien. Für seinen autobiographischen Film Immortal Sergeant erhielt er zahlreiche Preise.


  • Locarno Film Festival
     BBC Arabic Feature Documentary Award


  • Locarno International Filmfestival 
  • Torino Film Festival-Italy
  • Mostra de cinema Arab I Mediterrani de Catalunya-Barcelona-Spain
  • Fribourg International Film Festival
  • Ayyam Beirut A’cinemaiya -Lebanon