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Programme Focus WHOSE STORY IS IT?


This year's festival focus Whose Story is it? asks in a diverse supporting program for authorship, narrative styles and types of documentary film forms. At this year's Keynote Lecture, Paolo Favero from the University of Antwerp will discuss the challenges of new documentary methods in the digitally networked age. In the Masterclass, Australian filmmaker David Fedele explores documentary narrative strategies and discusses ethical and moral aspects of responsible and collaborative storytelling. At this year's panel discussion in cooperation with, producer Marion Guth, filmmakers Alexandra D'Onofrio and Ascan Breuer will shed light on the different ways of narrating, including new media and technologies in documentary cinema. In discussion with Grace Winter we will explore the possibilities and challenges of audio-visual processing and archiving of historical film material.

This year’s five focus programmes provide a deeper insight into equally contemporary and unavoidable challenges of living together and being human in the modern world.