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In Conversation


Monday, 07.05.2018, 11 am - 1 pm | Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology | Hörsaal A


The vivacity of historical ethnographic footage, methods of storage and archiving raises many questions, especially where filmmakers face the challenge of recontextualising such historical material in new stories. But what does it mean to analyse narratives, images and things in the context of the time they have been made or said, while at the same time ideas evolve constantly and people find themselves in the front of or at the tail end of this evolution? Taking Grace Winter’s and Luc Plantier's film Marquis de Wavrin. Du Manoir à la Jungle as a starting point, we engage in conversations about historical footage and the rediscovery of early filmmakers and anthropologists. In what ways can filmmakers and researchers (re)use historical visual material? What challenges do they face when analysing historical documents in a different political context and temporality than the time they came into being? What discrepancies arise between lived life, audio-visual documentation and commentary by the researchers, who, as in the case of the Marquis, serve to satisfy the exoticising gaze of the public?Discussing more profoundly some of the themes that appear in the film, cultural philosopher Tom Waibel and filmmaker Grace Winter consider these and other questions concerning authorship, archiving and the revitalization and mediation of historical footage. The audience is invited to contribute to the discussion.


In conversation:
Grace Winter, filmmaker, Marquis de Wavrin. Du Manoir à la Jungle
Tom Waibel, cultural philosopher

Discussion in English

Note: Marquis de Wavrin. Du Manoir à la Jungle by Grace Winter and Luc Plantier will be screened on 6 May at 12:30 in the Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal.

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