Keynote: Filmmakers at Risk

Keynote: Filmmakers at Risk

Dr. Eva van Roekel, VU Amsterdam
Votiv Kino | Großer Saal | Thursday 23.05. | 19:00 Uhr | Tickets
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Small equipment and its easy employment increasingly allow anthropologists to enter new zones of filmmaking. Today we easily co-create audiovisual stories and share them (almost) instantly. Both ethnographers and the people we work with are now more than ever equipped to record the pounding sounds and captivating images during environmental protests, political upheaval, migratory movements and human rights abuses and the deep personal problems that come with it. The images and sounds provide powerful experiential insights into times of great uncertainty. At the same time we become extremely vulnerable by these new zones of ethnographic engagement and representation.

Collaborative filmmaking has been coined as a revolutionary method to democratize anthropological knowledge. But is it always ethical and desirable to collaborate with our interlocutors and make these stories accessible for a larger audience? Preoccupied for more than a decade with the question of how to tell the stories of military officers convicted for crimes against humanity in Argentina, I will reflect on the ways in which the increasing availability of the visible and collaboration can also potentially endanger both the filmmaker and those being filmed (and those that are not filmed) in unexpected ways.


Eva van Roekel is assistant professor in Social and Cultural Anthropology at VU Amsterdam. For more than a decade Eva has lived and worked in Latin America. Her fieldwork focuses on violence, human rights and transitional justice in Argentina and Venezuela. She made two documentaries in Venezuela and one documentary in Belgium, and she is currently working on a new film project in Argentina.