kontroversiell! FILM AND TALK – 21 DAYS INSIDE

dok.at in conversation with Zohar Wagner

The body of a two-year-old boy is found in the well of a Bedouin village. The mother is immediately suspected and arrested the same day. In order to force a confession, the interrogating police officers deliberately and shamelessly exploit the mother’s weaknesses during the twenty-one day detention. 21 Days Insideuses archive material from the police to process this complex and startling story. Interrogations from surveillance cameras and sound recordings from the cell, as well as drawings of re-enacted scenes tell the incident. The film impressively dissects topics of power, police violence and discrimination against women and ethnic minorities.

In the conversation that follows the screening, we discuss the working of structural violence and patriarchal ideas of power as well as the design of the film, that, intermixed with some animated sceens, builds almost exclusively on material provided by the executive forces.

Conversation in English.
In cooperation with dok.at