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International Shorts Award (ISA)

For the First Time we award the best short documentary within the International Shorts Award (ISA). The nominated shortfilms feature diverse approaches and show the dynamics and expressive potential of short film. The Audience Award will be part of this years Award Ceremony on th 9th of May at 7.30 pm at Votiv Kino.

Curators: Valerie Blankenbyl & Rocío Burchard Rodriguez

Prize Money provided by: ethnocineca

Jury: Our Audience


Nominated Films:

Dennis Stauffer, Norbert Kottmann| Switzerland 2016 | 21 Min. | OmeU

Laura Henno | Comoros, France 2016 | 19 Min. | OmeU

Robin Petré | Hungary, Portugal, Belgium 2016 | 26 Min. | OmeU

Nikola Ilić | Serbia, Switzerland 2016 | 20 Min. | OmeU


ISA Short Film Programme during the Award Ceremony:
Tu. 09.05., 7:30 pm, Votiv Kino, Gr. Saal


Prize Money: EUR 500.-

Sponsored by: