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Kaveh Mazaheri | Iran 2015 | 54 Min. | OmeU

Tuesday, 09.05.2017, 16:30 | tickets
Votiv Kino | votiv3


Screened together with Number 3.


Mina is a drug addicted woman of the slums in Tehran. She is living in ruins surrounded by the junk and wearing men clothes. All her womanish dream is having a normal life. Because of this dream, she has decorated ruined walls with items collected in junk. She loves street dogs like her kids and homeless people around as members of her family, a family that has been together to use drug. Now she is the godmother of dogs and street people. This film is a narration of thirteen days of Mina’s Life, a sad thirteen days of New Year holidays.



Kaveh Mazaheri, born 1981 in Tehran, Iran. An interest in cinema led Mazaheri to begin writing film criticism for Iranian magazines after graduating from college in 2004. His first short film, Tweezers (2007), was censored in Iran. To date, he has made three independent short films and more than twenty short and long documentaries for broadcasts. He is the editor and author of a great many projects aside from his own. Some of the films he has directed include Soori’s Trip (Doumentary, 2009), Labyrinth (Docudrama Series, 2013, 15 Episodes), and Cockroach (Fiction Short, 2015). Lately A report about Mina won “Special Mention Prize” and was nominated “Ogawa Shinsuke Prize” from Yamagata Documentary Film Festival (Japan 2015).


  • Yamagata Documentary International Film Festival (Japan 2015) - „Special Mention Prize” – Nominated “Ogawa Shinsuke Prize”
  • Black International Cinema Berlin (Germany 2015) - „Best Film Expressionist Narrativ“
  • Scandinavian International Film Festival (Finland 2016) – „Award of Recognition"


  • Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival (Iran 2015)
  • 1001Documentary Film Festival (Turkey 2015)
  • House of Cinema Film Festival (Iran 2015)
  • Queens World Film Festival (USA 2016)
  • 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (India 2016)
  • Livermore Valley Film Festival (USA 2016)
  • International Video Art House Madrid (Spain 2016)
  • Iranian Film Festival Zurich (Switzerland 2016)
  • Ferfilm International Film Festival (Kosovo 2016)
  • All Lights India International Film Festival (India 2016)
  • The 5th Persian International Film Festival (Australia 2016)
  • The Festival Antropofest (Czech, 2017)
  • Festival of Iranian Films (Czech, 2017)
  • Docfeed Film Festival (Netherlands, 2017)