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Anouk Houtman | Indonesia, Netherlands 2016 | 25 Min. | OmeU

Sunday, 07.05.2017, 6 pm | tickets
Kino De France | Saal 1
(ESSA Short Film Programme I)

Filmmaker present

This film is nominated for the ethnocineca Student Shorts Award (ESSA).


Across Gender is an ethnographic film about the negotiation of visibility of trans people in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Focusing on personal experiences of different people who ‘cross gender’ we follow LGBT-activists, drag performers and students of an Islamic school for transwomen. We learn about their experiences and how they view Indonesian society.

Through different people and spaces, Across Gender gives a varied image of trans people in Yogyakarta while challenging stereotypes. The stories are documented in the midst of anti-LGBT sentiments and illustrate how the negotiation of visibility is an ongoing and difficult process.

The film was made as part of the master’s program in visual anthropology at Leiden University, the Netherlands, and is based on two months of ethnographic fieldwork..


Anouk Houtman is a young filmmaker based in Rotterdam with a MA in Visual Anthropology. She is interested in topics such as activism, inequalities, gender, sexuality, and racism and believes film is a tool for social change. She is currently pursuing a second MA in Gender Studies.


  • 'Framing Asia' in Leiden, Netherlands