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Jenny Holt | UK 2016 | 19 Min | OmeU

Sunday, 07.05.2017, 4:30 pm | tickets
Kino De France | Saal 1


Screened together with Una Vez fuimos Salvajes.


A housing estate lies on the outskirts of Halifax, a former mill town in the north of England. Edged by moorland and enclosed by wooded valleys and pastoral hills, the estate appears as a finger of land in which the town washes up onto the moors. A post-war countryside sanctuary built in response to slum clearance initiatives,  its strong family community is complicated by a more recent media-fuelled reputation for crime and drugs.  Run-down and ghettoised,  or one of the most beautiful valleys in the area?  ‘Archipelago’ explores this entangled identity through everyday observations, caught within the seasonal changes of the year.


Jenny Holt has a background in both visual art practice and television documentary production, with current film practice addressing the relationship between landscape and documentary film. Recent work centres on the South Pennine uplands and its surrounding communities, a pastoral-wilderness tied to industrial histories of the north of England. Jenny Holt lives in Yorkshire and works as senior lecturer in filmmaking at Manchester School of Art. 


  • International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand 2017