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Yan Chun Su | Tibet, USA, China 2016 | 79 Min. | OmeU

Friday, 05.05.2017, 4:30 pm
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal


This film is nominated for the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA).


Set in the high plateau of eastern Tibet, DROKPA is an intimate portrait of the lives and struggles of Tibetan nomads whose life is on the cusp of irreversible change. The grasslands of the Tibetan plateau are home to the source of Asia's major rivers. Nearly half of humanity depends on this water for survival. Tibetan nomads, known as “Drokpa” have roamed on this land for thousands of years. In recent decades, these once lush grasslands are rapidly turning into deserts.

With rare access to an extended nomadic family living at the center stage of this drastic and historical change, DROKPA reveals the unprecedented environmental and sociopolitical forces that are pushing the Tibetan nomads to the edge of their existence.  The richly observed daily lives and family relationships, especially those of Tamku, a teenage single mother, Dhongya, a senior nomad and Yithan, a mother of two boys are all at once deeply personal and illustrative of the universal issues of gender, freedom, adaptation to a changing climate and the resilience of human spirits. 


Yan Chun Su is a self-taught documentary filmmaker currently based in Colorado. She was born in China and received her education in both China and USA. Her first film, Treasure of the Lisu, about an ethnic musician in the foothills of the Himalayas was made under the tutelage of acclaimed documentarian Les Blank. DROKPA is her first feature-length documentary.