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IT WAS ALL JUST A GOOD DREAM - The Frenchman from Vukowar

Branko Ištvančić | Croatia 2016 | 80 Min. | OmeU

Friday, 05.05.2017, 10 pm | tickets
Kino De France | Saal 1



It was all just a good dream tells the story of Frenchman Jean-Michel Nicolier, a volunteer in the defense of Croatia executed by Serbian troops in Vukovar in 1991. The documentary explores the events from the beginning of the Independence War in Croatia when the young Frenchman Jean-Michel Nicolier comes to Croatia. We follow his fighting in the heart of the tragic battle of Vukovar and the agony and torture that he suffered at Ovčara. His story is presented through the eyes of his mother Lyliane Fournier. We see her searching for any piece of information, which could help uncover the mortal remains of her son.


Born in 1967 in Subotica, Branko Ištvančić graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1999. He has continuously been involved with documentary films and has received Croatian as well as international rewards for his work. Deeply enrooted in the Croatian documentary tradition, he pays special attention to the humane, but also humoristic treatment of his subjects. Critics considered his film The Cormorant Scarecrow (1998) to be one of the best Croatian documentaries of the nineties. He is member of Croatian Film Director's Guild.


  • Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Music in Croatia 2016
  • Best history documentary, Beyond Borders Documentary Festival, Greece 2016