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Laura Henno | Comoros, France 2016 | 19 Min. | OmeU

Tuesday, 09.05.2017, 7:30 pm | tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal
(Award Ceremony & ISA Short Film Programme)

Wednesday, 10.05.2017, 8 pm | tickets
Votiv Kino | votiv3


This film is nominated for the International Shorts Award (ISA).


Accompanied by an adult man, Patron navigates a boat through the darkness of the night. The young boy who lost his parents is becoming a “Commandant” to transport refugees across the sea to Mayotte. Away from political debates, Koropa examines the role of the traffickers, who are moving towards an uncertain future in the dark night –just as their passengers so too move later on.


Laura Henno is a photographer. Koropa is her first film. She is currently developing her next film M'TSAMBORO which will also take place in the Comoros. Winner of the Prize Découverte of the Rencontres Internationales de Photographie of Arles in 2007, her photographic work is represented by Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire.


  • 03/2017 - Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar, Madagascar
  • 03/2017 - True/Fasle Festival, USA
  • 03/2017 - Tessaloniki Documentary Festival, Grèce
  • 02/2017 - Festival International du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, France (Prix Egalité Diversité)
  • 02/2017 - Festival Travelling, Rennes, France
  • 01/2017 - Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers, Angers, France
  • 11-12/2016 - 31eme Entrevues de Belfort, Belfort, France (Grand Prix du court-métrage, Prix Camira pour le court-métrage)