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LES SAUTEURS - Those Who Jump

Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibé | Morocco, Denmark 2016 | 80 Min. | OmeU

Friday, 05.05.2017, 6 pm | tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal

Sunday, 07.05.2017 2:30 pm | tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal

This film is nominated for the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA).
Screened together with Nowhere Line - Voices from Manus Island


Melilla – a Spanish enclave in northern Morocco: Europe on African Land. Over a thousand hopeful African migrants live on the mountain behind the border, watching the fence system separating Morocco and Spain. Abou Bakar Sidibé from Mali is one of them – the protagonist in front of the camera, as well as the person behind it. For over a year, he has ceaselessly persisted in attempting to jump the fence.
At the fence, they have to overcome the razor-wire, automatic pepper spray and brutal authorities. After every failed attempt, they return to Mount Gurugú, scouring for food in the nearby villages, trying to uphold some sort of order in the camp and building up their confidence again. Some give up and return home, others never return from the fence. Looking through the lens, Abou gradually finds expression and meaning in his situation. “When filming I feel that I exist”. But after 16 months on the mountain, Abou is brought close to a tragic accident at the fence. Returning to Mali is not an option for him, and he becomes more determined than ever to pursue his dream of a better life in Europe.
Les Sauteurs is Abou’s portrayal of the human struggle for dignity and freedom on one of the world’s most militarized frontiers.


Moritz Siebert
Moritz Siebert has worked on migration for the last 15 years. Originally trained as a medical doctor and anthropologist, he later studied documentary filmmaking together with Estephan Wagner at the National Film and Television School in the UK. His previous films have won several awards and been shown widely on festivals.

Estephan Wagner 
While Estephan Wagner has been working as a documentary director for over a decade, Les Sauteurs is his feature debut. In his filmmaking, he always approaches his themes from the point of view of his protagonists. Both as editor and director, he won several awards on the international festivals circuit.

Abou Bakar Sidibé   
Abou Bakar Sidibé, born in Kidal/Mali, has a degree in English and has worked as a teacher, a cell phones seller, a construction worker and a cash carrier between Western Union offices in the Moroccan village and people on Mount Gurugú. Les Sauteurs is Abou's first documentary film.


  • Nominated for Robert Prize for Best Documentary (the Danish Film Academy)
  • Cinema Eye Honors 2017 - Spotlight Award
  • Biberstein Gusmão Award (for emerging directors) to Abou Bakar Sidibé, Porto/Post/Doc, Portugal
  • Honorable Mention, Porto/Post/Doc, Portugal
  • Honorable Mention, Hamptons Int. Film Festival, USA
  • White Goose Award for best film, Int. Competition, DMZ Docs, Korea
  • Special Jury Mention, Camden Int. Film Festival
  • Best Editing Award by The Italian Association of Film and TV Editors, AMC, Salina DOC Fest 2016
  • Premio Tasca d'Almerita, Salina DOC Fest 2016
  • Amnesty International Award, Docs Against Gravity 2016
  • Main Prize, dokKa Karlsruhe, 2016
  • Special Mention, DOK.fest München 2016
  • The Jury's Second Prize, Feature length Competition, DocumentaMadrid 2016
  • Main Award: Int. Feature length Award, Frankfurt Lichter IFF 2016
  • Ecumenical Jury Award, Berlinale 2016iting Award