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Juliette Touin | France 2016 | 52 Min. | OmeU

Sunday, 07.05.2017, 4:30 pm tickets
Votiv Kino | Gr. Saal



In France, nearly one in three women has an abortion at least once in her lifetime. Although abortion was legalized in France some 40 years ago, it’s not an easy topic of discussion. Abortion is a choice made by a woman, whether or not supported by her partner. Every woman has her reasons, her own history. Hesitation or certainty, guilt or detachment, loneliness and sometimes even distress...

From the first consultation to the final decision, this film accompanies four women - Bianca, Marina, Nathanaëlle et Sygrid - in their choice to terminate their pregnancy. Between their medical appointments and the obligations of day-to-day life, they take time to think about their choices. It’s a challenging period of their life, full of daily questioning. An intimate portrait of contemporary women about to make a decision that’s lawfully theirs - a law that women have fought for very hard.


Born in 1986 in France, she graduated in political journalism and international relations. She started her career as a press journalist in Mexico and Colombia. Her first documentary short ‘La Casona’ (2013) tells the story of a group of heavily pregnant teenagers who live in an old mansion on Cuba. She is currently developing personal documentary projects while she continues journalism. « Time to think it over» is her first feature documentary.