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Josephine Ahnelt | USA, Austria 2016 | 21 Min. | OmeU

Monday, 08.05.2017, 4:30 pm tickets
Votiv Kino | votiv3

Screened together with Salamanca.


'The Venus Project' is the idea of a new value system for communal living. Josephine Ahnelt visits Jacque Fresko, founder of the project, in Florida. He speaks of a reduced form of living together and thinks that mankind is only following a simple pattern--the pattern of insignificance. „Like most in this world, so too is man meaningless,“ he says. Ahnelt tries to counter this statement with images of the everyday. Showing us that everything in life is significant, even things that may seem meaningless. 



Born 1987 in Vienna. 2002-2007, apprenticeship in multimedia at the School of Graphic Arts, Vienna. 2007-2010, studies at the School for Independent Film (Friedl Kubelka). 2008 Co-founder of the filmkoop wien. 2009-2014 studies of Art and Digital Media, and Art and Film at the University of Fine Arts, Vienna.


  • Diagonale 2017


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