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Programme Focus RADICAL MINDS

Out of approximately 500 entries the festival curators have created a program, which displays a large variety of human lifeworlds: We have created our version of contemporary, critical cinema, addressing relevant social questions of our time from a multitude of perspectives and inviting the audience to chose alternative points of views. The program also seeks diverse approaches to the festival focus Radical Minds.

It allows the audience to meet people from around the world, whose living conditions and personal choices encourage to think, live or imagine the world differently. We are looking at social and political utopian ideas as well as radical individual ways of living – films, which give a voice to those unheard and show what has been unseen. The festival focus Radica Minds therefore underlines the relevance of documentary film for a critical controversy with actual social, cultural and socio-political issues and wants to inspire the audience to consciously deal with the possibility of the impossible.

A cinema about, from and for people who think differently – a cinema for mavericks, optimists and utopians. It is an invitation to change perspective on a term that is currently rather strained: radicalism. Ethnocineca 2017 – radically optimistic and radically humanistic.