Progress at Risk

In Focus: Progress at Risk

Populism, freedom, safety and the drawing of new boundaries within societies. This focus program is dedicated to those “great themes of the global community”, which make us question the meaning of “progress” in relation to its political, ecological and humane dimensions.

Brexitannia tells about the harmful consequences of short-sighted populist politics and seemingly simple solutions through the construction of borders. In a similar scenario we meet the people in Welch, West Virginia, who, in their everyday life as so-called losers of the globalisation, place all their hopes on Trump (The time to go has come and gone). Remapping the Origins takes us to the roots of the European idea as well as its conflictual and visionary history. In the reflection of the past we discover current questions concerning the European ideal situated at risk. Beautiful Things holds a mirror to the western consumer society, turbo capitalism and the mania of economic growth in a playful and surprising way. Taste of Cement sheds light on an otherwise often hushed up topic, namely: the deprivation of rights of migrant workers living a life in modern slavery in service of growth at any cost.


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