Camille Holtz | France 2021 | 74 Min. | OmeU

16.05. | 7pm
De France, Saal 1 | TICKETS

Austrian Premiere

© Camille Holtz

Alice and Barbara live with their mother in a village in the French department of Ardèche. Barbara is preparing for high school, while 18-year-old Alice has already finished school. She now wants to get her driver’s license and then look for a job. Time passes and Alice notices how her little sister is slowly growing up and is about to leave the idyllic home, while she herself is still not standing on her own two feet.

Camille Holtz, who has accompanied the sisters for many years, tells the relationship of these disparate sisters in ALICE + BARBARA with a dash of pop. A coming-of-age story, in which the seemingly mundane is punctiliously transformed into profundity.

Director: Camille Holtz (she/her)
Protagonists: Alice Mundt (she/her) and Barbara Mundt (she/her)
Camera: Camille Holtz (she/her)
Editing: Céline Perread (she/her)
Sound: Gil Savoy (he/him)
Original music: Sébastien Pons (he/him) and Studio Urgences
Production: Laurent Dene (he/him)
Produkcion company: Sancho et compagnie

FIDBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022
Festival International de Films de Femmes, Créteil, France 2022
États Généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, France, 2021
Des Films, Des Auteurs, Guebwiller, France, 2021

Camille Holtz was born in 1989, in France. In 2014 she graduated from the “Arts Décoratifs” of Paris with the congratulations of the jury. She creates intimate portraits built over the long term,immersed in the people she photographs or films in their environment. It stages observed situations and dialogues heard or imagined. Her first film, “L’Inutile” (2014), was shot over several months in Alsace, in the author’s native village. Camille Holtz has just completed her first feature documentary, “Alice + Barbara” (2021), which was filmed in Vesseaux in Ardèche between 2016 and 2020.