International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2012

Tu, 22. – Fr, 25. May 2012

In the year 2012 the ethnocineca will proceed as usual after a smaller version in 2011, where the results of the project workshop where presented in a well-filled Schikaneder. From 22 – 25 May 2012 we will show ethnographic as well as documentary films in two venues. The submissions promise an interesting program with varying focuses, which we want to highlight within aspects of cultural and social anthropology.

The 2012 curation will be taken over by Dr. Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski (Cultural and Social Anthropologist), Mag.a Aylin Basaran und Mag.aKlaudija Sabo (Institute for Contemporary History). This interdisciplinarity promises new perspectives for both the program selection and presentation. As usual, in 2012 we will have a general schedule for the screenings that will be released together with the program.

Trailer 2012

TEAM 2012

Michael Draca
Bernhard Eder
Sandra Feichtner
Marie-Christine Hartig
Nadja Haumberger
Kristen Käfer
Martin Lintner
Thomas Lottermoser
Lea Myria Marinell
Cornelia Schuster
Elena Staroste
Mario Strk
Simone Traunmüller
Katharina Wagner
Sophie Wagner


Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski (Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie)
Aylin Basaran (Institut für Zeitgeschichte)
Klaudija Sabo (Institut für Zeitgeschichte)