The Filmwerkstatt is a unique workshop design for people interested in documentary film in Austria, combining theoretical and practical approaches in 12 intensive days. Renowned international filmmakers, visual anthropologists and other social, cultural and art scientist share their knowledge with the participants: together we try equipment, critically engage with the freedom the medium provides and playfully explore its limitations. The results, several short films produced by the participants in small groups, will premiere during the festival in cinema on the big screen. 

We value respectful exchange on eye level and encourage the idea of meeting as equals who appreciate learning from each other. We are looking forward to participants from diverse professional, social and cultural backgrounds, with or without prior relevant knowledge. Two places are reserved for people who can’t afford the participation fees – or could only do so through unreasonable extra effort. 

You are interested? All details for the call and application process for 2023 can soon be found here. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Sophie Wagner & Flora Mory



A review of the Filmwerkstatt 2023.