TEAM 2023

Festival Directors: Marie-Christine Hartig (she/her), Martin Lintner (he/him), Katja Seidel (she/her)
Programme Coordination: Valentina Duelli (she/her), Khadiga Mebarek (she/her)
Marketing and Social Media: Clara Gruber (she/her), Florence Naly (she/her), Marieluise Röttger (she/her)
Production Management: Eva Lakits (she/her)
Cooperations and Public Relations: Hannah Hauptmann (she/her)
Film Workshop: Flora Mory (she/her), Sophie Wagner (she/her)
Guest Office: Khadiga Mebarek, Valerie Blankenbyl (she/her) 
Funding: Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner
Technics and Film Prints: Matthias Grausgruber (he/him)
Program Editor: Marieluise Röttger
Editorial assistance: Julian Grill (he/him)
Festival Assistance: Florence Naly (she/her)

Website: Martin Lintner
Festivaltrailer: Martin Lintner
Graphics: Cati Krüger, Martin Lintner
Press: Elke Weilharter, Sky unlimited

Programme Curation

International Documentary Award (IDA): Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner, Marieluise Röttger
Austrian Documentary Award (ADA):  Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner
Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA): Hannah Hauptmann, Sophie Wagner
International Shorts Award (ISA): Rocío Burchard Rodriguez, Lisa Heuschober (she/her)
Ethnocineca Student Shorts Award (ESSA): Nóra Soponyai, Simone Traunmüller

Gender Identities

As we do not want to assume the gender identities of our filmmakers and therefore do not want to reproduce binary, outdated stereotypes, we invite all participants of the film festival to share the personal gender pronouns they use for themselves.

Our intention is to create a gender-inclusive environment, declare our solidarity and de-stigmatise the discourse around gender identity.

Having said this, we of course fully respect the wish not to share one’s personal pronouns as gender identity is a private piece of information. The decision of sharing one’s gender identity is fully up to everyone’s personal choice and by no means required or forced by the festival.

Association for the promotion of audio-visual culture

ethnocineca is organised as an association whose team has made it its mission to promote international documentary cinema in Austria and to strengthen the public accessibility of social science discourses through ethnographic film. The common passion for ethnographic and documentary film is the drive and reason why ethnocineca exists.

ZVR.: 779293375

Statutes (pdf in German)