International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2010

Tu, 18. – Fr, 21. May 2010

From over 150 film submission from all over the world our curators MMag.ª Julia Binter (Author of “We Shoot the World – Österreichischer Dokumentarfilm und die Globalisierung”) and Mag.ª Martha Cecilia Dietrich (MASN- Austria) have put together a multifaceted and interesting programme which will be screened on 4 days in the KosmosTheater and Café 7*Stern. Instead of an entry fee we ask our visitors to pay as they wish in order to offer a non-exclusive visual and educational experience independent of the level of income. The 27 selected films differ stilistically as well as thematically. Different perspectives on topics like religion & beliefs, migration, diaspora and war will be screened.  

We accompany couragous women from all parts of the world in their quest for justice and happyness, we dive into the world of the gauchos and find us afterwoods in Brasil where we become witnesses of Candomblé rituals.  

The main aim of the ethnocinecais to give the audience the possibility to experience different lifes and life worlds, to discover similiarities and to offer a forum for discussion and exchange. Therefore filmmakers will be present on every evening for joint reflections and discussions.

TEAM 2010

Kirstin Brückler
Martha C. Dietrich
Michael Draca
Bernhard Eder
Christina Egger
Sandra Feichtner
Jürgen Fennes
Marie-Christine Hartig
Nadja Haumberger
Kira Preckel
Nat Sattavet
Elena Staroste
Simone Traunmüller
Alexander Tschida
Hannah Wachter


Julia Binter 
Martha C. Dietrich