International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2015

Mo, 4. – Fr, 8. May 2015

For the ninth time the ethnocinecaturns Vienna into a hotspot for documentary filmmaking: we invite our audience to explore the diversity of the genre and to enjoy the specialities and novelties of ethnographic and documentary filmmaking. 

Together with our highly esteemed curators – Arash T. Riahi, Gerald Straub and Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski – the team has chosen 48 films for this year’s programme. From the 4th to the 8th of May 2015 Vienna’s VotivKino will be the place to experience the diversity of human lifeworlds and to explore complex questions of human coexistence. 18 international filmmakers will be present and available for discussions with the audience.  

The filmfest also highlights the work of young filmmakers: for the second time now we present ESSA – the ethnocineca Student Shorts Award – with a full programme on Wednesday evening (May 6). Following a long tradition, the films from the ethnocinecaProject Workshop will be screened on the last night of the filmfest, before we head to our After Party in Club U at Karlsplatz. An interactive photo exhibition and a concert at the opening will further accompany the main program.  

Trailer 2015

TEAM 2015

Sophie Bitzinger
Marie-Christine Hartig
Matthias Grausgruber
Martin Lintner
Sophia Mayr
Marieluise Röttger
Katja Seidel
Nóra Soponyai
Cornelia Selch
Elena Staroste
Simone Traunmüller
Katharina Wagner 
Sophie Wagner


Martin Lintner
Marie-Christine Hartig
Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski
Arash T. Riahi
Gerald Straub

Curators ESSA

Cornelia Selch
Marieluise Röttger