International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2008

Tu, 20. – Sa, 24. May 2019

The ethnocineca is a unique audio-visual film and media exhibition in the city of Vienna which is dedicated to anthropological themes and topics. Initiated by the Department of Cultural- and Social Anthropology (University of Vienna) and organized by anthropology students, the fifth ethnocineca2008 will be held outside the university premises for the first time.

This year’s film exhibition will be presented at SOHO IN OTTAKRING – an art- and city project founded by an artists’ initiative – from the 21st to the 24th of May 2008 over a period of four days. This new surrounding should give all media-artists and filmmakers who concentrate on anthropological issues the opportunity to introduce their works to a broader audience.

TEAM 2008

Martha Cecilia Dietrich
Michael Draca
Bernhard Eder
Sandra Feichtner
Jürgen Fennes
Georg Haubenwallner
Gregor Jakob
Oliver Moiseanu
Anita Pinter
Jessica Schädler
Stefan Spannknebel
Mario Strk


Doris Bauer
Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski
Wolfgang Kraus