International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2018

Fr, 4. – Th, 10. May 2015

From 4th to 10th of May 2018, the ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna will transform the Votiv Kino and Kino De France into the center of international documentary film. For the 12th edition of the festival, a program has been compiled from more than 500 film submissions, covering different issues of political, social and cultural life worldwide. 56 films, an extensive side programme, as well as numerous film talks with international filmmakers invite visitors to immerse themselves into the world of documentary and ethnographic film. Five focus programs highlight recent social discourses and developments and invite them to question and critically comment on them.

The festival opens with the new film by Siegfried Ressel „It happened and took place right here. Volkhard Knigge and Buchenwald“, who uses clear words and images to sharpen the view of past, as well as present, social movements. It is important to take a close look and while remebering the past not to forgeta about the future. In the face of national and global political events, an important film and appeal to humanity.

With five competition sections, ethnocinecawill continue to focus on cutting-edge documentary cinema. In the three competitions International Documentary Award (IDA), Austrian Documentary Award (ADA) and Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA), an international jury awards this year’s winners. In addition, we are once again looking forward to receiving our two short film awards: The International Shorts Award (ISA) and the ethnocinecaStudent Shorts Award (ESSA) will make the audience become the jury. 

This year’s festival focus Whose Story is it? asks in a diverse supporting program for authorship, narrative styles and types of documentary film forms. At this year’s Keynote Lecture, Paolo Favero from the University of Antwerp will discuss the challenges of new documentary methods in the digitally networked age. In the Masterclass, Australian filmmaker David Fedele explores documentary narrative strategies and discusses ethical and moral aspects of responsible and collaborative storytelling. At this year’s panel discussion in cooperation with dok.at, producer Marion Guth, filmmaker Alexandra D’Onofrio and XXX will shed light on the different ways of narrating, including new media and technologies in documentary cinema. With Grace Winter we explore in a discussion the possibilities and challenges of audio-visual processing and archiving of historical film material.

A special highlight of this year is the cooperation with the Film Festival in Exile: Syria. Three films will be screenen in the programm at De France Cinema on May 9th, titled “Seven Years of Famine, Seven Years of Plenty ?!”, giving a direct look at the human side of the Syrian Disaster in the seven years from 2011 to 2018. Complemetnig the film prgramm, a panel discussion will take place on May 8th at Weltmuseum Wien. We look forward to brave films and exciting discussions and are delighted to host the Film Festival in Exile: Syria as part of this year’s ethnocineca.

This year’s programme is dedicated to a contemporary and critical documentary cinema, sees itself as an initiator and platform for discussion in times of political change, and once again focuses on questions of human realities and how we live together.

Trailer 2018

TEAM 2018

Artistic Directors: Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner, Katja Seidel
Management: Matthias Grausgruber
Programme Coordination: Nóra Soponyai, Simone Traunmüller
Marketing / Social Media: Sophie Bitzinger, Rocío Burchard Rodriguez, Elena Staroste
Cooperations: Hannah Hauptmann
Film Workshop: Katja Seidel, Cornelia Selch, Sophie Wagner
Side Events: Marie-Christine Hartig, Katja Seidel, Sophie Wagner
Guest Service: Nóra Soponyai, Simone Traunmüller
Funding / Sponsoring: Marie-Christine Hartig, Katja Seidel, Sophie Wagner
Technics and Film Prints: Matthias Grausgruber
Website: Matthias Grausgruber, Martin Lintner
Festival Assistance: Sarah Neumann, Veronika Schlör, Liska Titze, Saskya Tschebann
Graphics: Stefan Staller
English Corrections: Melissa Pflug

Programme Curation

International Documentary Award (IDA): Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner, Marieluise Röttger
Austrian Documentary Award (ADA): Marie-Christine Hartig, Martin Lintner, Katja Seidel
Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award (EVA): Katja Seidel, Hannah Hauptmann
International Shorts Award (ISA):Rocío Burchard Rodriguez, Valerie Blankenbyl
Ethnocineca Student Shorts Award (ESSA): Nóra Soponyai, Simone Traunmüller