Variety Moszynski | France 2008 | 58 Min. | OmeU

“Chemical Adventures” relates the thoughts of nine women, tied to an armchair while having different drugs injected. They talk about intuitions, desires, humor, hair, fears, beliefs, surprises, discoveries, death and life… After several sessions of chemotherapy for breast cancer I began to speak with the women whom I met at the hospital. The idea of a film came naturally as a way to ward off the difficulties of this ordeal and because there was an instant connection between them and me.

The film makes us discover the personality of each one of them and the way in which they deal with the disease. I am behind and in front of the camera, filmed in the same situation as the others. One percieves the activity around each person, the interruptions due to the treatment, the chemicals and drugs that flow in the transparent tubes, the work of the silent nurses. Everything occurs in a peaceful and protected space, everything is internal. Slowly, these conversations unveil a surprising reality: cancer also creates some kind of renewal, something vital and constructive that fights the deadly forces which are part of the disease. The Chinese ideogram for the word « crisis » contains two elements: « danger » on the one hand and «opportunity» on the other, and these two facets become apparent in the film.