Giorgio Ferrero | Italy 2017 | 93 Min. | OmeU

A symphonic journey into our obsessive consumption. A hybrid documentary is structured in four parts: Oil, Cargo, Measure and Ash. Each act focuses on a worker in a distinct isolated environment: a maintenance man on US oilrigs; a Filipino in the bowels of a supertanker; an Italian scientist in his echo-free chamber (blocking out the sounds of the world); and finally, a waste plant operative. Creation, transport, marketing and destruction – it’s a global chain of obsessive consumption. The many objects we accumulate begin their production journey in silent scheduled industrial site where bordeline men work in isolation without any interference. These men, unwittingly, provide the basis for the sequence of creation, transport, marketing and destruction of the objects. They are monks in temples of concrete and carry out the same rituals in solitude.

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Director: Giorgio Ferrero
Cinematography and Sound: Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin, Enrico Aleotti, Filippo Vallegra / Giorgio Ferrero, Rodolfo Mongitore
Editing: Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin, Enrico Aleotti, Filippo Vallegra
Production: Venice Biennale & Mybosswas

Best italian film – 74th Venice Film Festival – Arca Jury (under 26)
Next:Wave Award (best first feature)- CPH:DOX Copenhagen
Special Jury Prize – Annecy Cinéma Italien – Annecy, France.
Jury special mention – Salina international doc fest. – Salina, Sicily.

Georgio Ferrero is a composer, director and photographer from Turin. He has composed and produced soundtracks of dozens of films, theatrical performances and installations. At the 74th Venice Film Festival he presented his first feature film ‘Beautiful Things’, for which he signed direction and music. In Venice he also presented his first short film in virtual reality Denoise made during the shooting of the feature film. With Federico Biasin and Rodolfo Mongitore he lead the multidisciplinary studio MYBOSSWAS in Turin.