Timothy George Kelly | United Kingdom, Russia 2017 | 80 Min. | OmeU

In the wake of the most momentous event in modern British history, Brexitannia presents a complex panorama of fifty Leavers and Remainers from across the UK. Renewing the art of documentary interview, Timothy George Kelly’s meticulous black-and-white framing and sensitive portrayals of ordinary Britons gives an insightful and at times uncomfortable portrait of Britain today. The film ends with a sobering analysis from theorists including Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen and Nick Srnicek.

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Director: Timothy George Kelly
Cinematography and Sound: Timothy George Kelly / Alexander Fedenev, Alex Turkunov
Editing: Steven Carver
Producers:Alyona Bocharova, Pavel Karykhalin, Kirill Sorokin

CPH:DOX DOK.fest Munich Sheffield Doc/Fest Beat Film Festival Encounters South African International Documentary Festival New Horizons Poland East End Film Festival Göteborg Film Festival Underhill Fest Montenegro Valetta Film Festival Malta Dokufest Kosovo RIDM Margaret Mead Film Festival / NYC WORLD OF FILM INTL FESTIVAL GLASGOW Visioni dal Mondo InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival Inconvenient Films Central Scotland Documentary Festival Bristol Radical Film Festival Mondovisioni Touring program Bergen International Film Festival AGAINST GRAVITY Reykjavík International Film Festival All About Freedom in Gdansk October 13-22. Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival BIDF Budapest International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania

Timothy George Kelly is a London based Australian filmmaker. He has created music videos for artists including Grimes, Pinkshinyultrablast and Miracle Fortress. In 2014 he premiered his first feature length documentary A City is an Island at CPH:DOX, this film later played across Canada on CBC.