Niels Devlieghere | Belgium 2020 | 14 Min. | OmeU

Angela does not quite know why her mother left her home in Senegal to live in Belgium. Six-year-old Angela was born here and lived a happy childhood, unaware of her family’s complex socio-political situation. Yet, as a young girl of color in Flanders, she is repeatedly confronted with racism and the question of belonging. 

ELONG E’NABE shows the world through Angela’s eyes and allows the spectator to witness her optimism, rooted in the strong bond between mother and daughter, lightening up this abstruse situation. 

Director: Niels Devlieghere (he/him)
Camera: Pauwel Billiau (he/him)
Editing: Louise Butter (she/her)
Music: Simon Kremar (he/him)


VAF Wildcard Documentary 2020; Oberhausen Internationale Kurzfilmtage – Official Selection; 99. Media International Documentary FF – Official Selection; Big Shoulders International Student Film Festival – Best Documentary; New Cinema Lisbon Film Festival – Honorable Mention Best Short Documentary; Short to the point ISFF – Official Selection; Madrid Film Awards – Official Selection; Short Film Factory – Official Selection; IFFA Barcelona – Official Selection

Niels Devlieghere is an independent director and photographer, focusing on documentaries and music videos. Throughout his early twenties, he constantly found himself documenting his friend’s lives with his camera. In 2020 he graduated as a director from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. His graduation film Elong E’nabe got selected at several film festivals and won a VAF Wildcard for Documentary. His work includes a series of intimate portraits and short films in which the young filmmaker immerses himself in the lived world of his subjects.