Mohammadreza Farzad | Poland, Germany, Iran 2022 | 15 Min. | Farsi with Engl. subtitles

WEDNESDAY, 10.05. | 7pm
Votiv Kino, Gr. Saal | TICKETS
together with DESTINY

Austrian Premiere

© Mohammadreza Farzad

Have you kept a record of your gray hairs? About the number of houses you’ve owned or rented? About the number of kisses you’ve exchanged? About how many times you flew in your dreams? Maybe you didn’t. Nor does it make any real difference in a life lived beyond the accuracy of absolute numbers.

MAJMOUAN takes an essayistic approach to life from the perspective of an accountant. The thought-provoking listings of figures is underpinned by meticulously constructed clips of anonymous 8mm Iranian amateur footage and all sorts of everyday experiences the meaning of which emerges between their enumeration. While life cannot be quantified in this way either, perhaps this allows one to reflect upon it.

Director: Mohammadreza Farzad
Editing: Amir Aibparvar
Sound: Hossein Ghourchian
Production: Pejman Foundation / Łódź Film School

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2022 Berlinale, Forum Expanded

Mohammadreza Farzad, born 1978, Tehran, started his career as poet and literary translator, already published half dozens of books. as documentary filmmaker he has made some films Awarded and screened in national and international film Festivals. His first and second films “Into Thin Air” and “Blames and Flames” premiered at Berlinale 2011, 2012, shown in more than 30 film festivals till now. His third titled “Forget-Me-Not Egg” premiered at Thessaloniki film festival (2013) screened in dozens of international film events. His debut feature documentary “Wedding: A Film” (2015) Premiered in “Next Masters” competition of Leipzig documentary film festival. Farzad has been a PHD student in Film Factory headed by legendary Hungarian auteur Bela Tarr. He also acted as jury member in some International film festivals like CPH:DOX, jihlava, Pilsen, DokuBaku, Cinemaverite,…
Farzad now working on his new feature titled: “A Gaze Long into Abyss” to be produced by Czech producer Radovan Sibert of Pink Production. Majmaouan (Subtotals) is his third time participation in Berlinale Forum Expanded.