Anne Thoma | Switzerland, Germany 2012 | 78 Min. | OmeU

Who are those people, who try to put an end to fighting and bloodshed in conflict areas, every day, again and again? In her film, director Anne Thoma portraits three private mediators and their work, which they conduct in hotel lobbies, during business class flights and in secret conference rooms. 

The film follows the protagonists on their mission to put an end to armed conflict in the world. Today’s wars and conflicts are increasingly complex and incomprehensible. Often, they are caused by local civil conflicts with global repercussions in the power struggle over territories and resources. This is why politicians employ those who understand the language, have access to expert knowledge and know how to be discrete. They employ experts, who turned “making peace” into a new, private business model. 

In Miles & War we get to know their motivation, share hopes and disappointment, the loneliness and their short, rare moments of triumph. We also get a glimpse into the every day chores of the job alongside war theatres, and witness surprising and fascinating moments in between normality and the abyss.  Anne Thoma’s film gives a personal and emotional view on the private peace industry. A personal view on today’s conflicts, the endeavours to end them and the unusual occupation of private peace mediators.