Anna Barbieri | Austria 2020 | 9 Min. | OmeU

14.05. | 3:30pm
Votiv Kino, Gr. Saal | TICKETS
together with A CUSTOM OF THE SEA

In presence of Anna Barbieri

© Anna Barbieri

A one and a half minute long sequence taken from the film “Papua Neu-Guinea” by Adela Kraft, which is part of the Amateur*innen-Film-Collection of the Austrian Film Museum, shows a hotel pool and its guests. The sequence then pans over the outer wall of the accommodation complex to then zoom in on a group of local residents on the beach. Based on this camera movement, the film distorts the artificially created, standardised self-reflections of Western power and unfolds an intersectional perspective on tourist fantasies, fictions, and all associated image productions.

SAFE WATERS is an essayistic reflection deciphering vacation enclaves and resorts as imperialist and colonial outposts that serve as architectural agents of Western hegemony.

Director, Editing: Anna Barbieri
Text and Voice-Over: Anna Barbieri
Archive Material: “Neuguinea Papua” by Adele Kraft, “1981” by Siglinde Kurz
Additional Video Material: Anna Barbieri
Sound: Sebastian Meyer
In Cooperaton with the Austrian Filmmuseum

Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Nov 2021 und Jan 2022
Archiba Filmfestival 2021, Dec 2021: La Casa del Árbol, Buenos Aires; Zinnschmelze, Hamburg; Cineclub Mercurio, Quito; Centro Arte Alameda, Santiago
EMAF, Osnabrück, April 2022 (upcoming)

Anna Barbieri studied architecture at the Glasgow School of Arts and TU Wien and is currently completing the MA Critical Studies programme at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. She predominantly works in film, text, sound and installation. Recurring themes of her essayistic projects, which follow queer-feminist decolonial approaches, focus on the wider entanglements of architectural and spatial production.