Yehuda Sharim | USA 2019 | 114 Min. | OmeU

World Premiere

Having fled their home in Iran, the Dayan family is now being greeted in Houston, Texas, with hurricanes and perilous politics. As the family comes to grips with life in the sprawling Texan metropolis, quick-witted nine-year-old Hana struggles to be heard, striving for all that has been lost, which should now slowly return: the hunger for the future and for songs about a peaceful world.
Through the direct interaction between the filmmaker and the family members, Songs that Never End develops a deeply human family portrait, a story of (non-)arrival and what we all have in common as human beings.

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Director: Yehuda Sharim
Camera and Sound: Yehuda Sharim, Federico Llach
Editing: Yehuda Sharim, Lorena Alvarado, Micaela Sharim, Hussein Al-Khudari, Karla De Jesus, Flora Sharim
Producer: Sharim Films

Yehuda Sharim is a filmmaker and a poet. His films, from WE ARE IN IT (2016), Lessons in Seeing (2017), Seeds of All Things (2018), and most recently Songs that Never End (2019), appeared in various film festivals and universities across the world, and pushes to the fore emotional and intimate histories of border-crossing and displacement, shedding light on the changing constructions of home and belonging