Christopher Walker | Ecuador, USA 2018 | 90 Min. | OmeU

Until the 1950s, the Waorani were able to successfully defended their area of settlement – today’s Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon – with the aid of spears. Then Christian missionaries entered the thick rain forest and paved the way for an oil company. Nowadays many of the tribes are estranged as some want to benefit from the short-term money the company is offering while others fight to preserve their land, culture and independence under all circumstances.

Director and Sound: Christopher Walker
Cinematographers: Gordon Durnin und David Fox
Editing: David Fox und Lara Khachooni
Producers: Lara Khachooni und Christopher Walker
Production Company: Phantom Films

22 February 2019, Green Image Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan
2019 Colorado Environmental Film Festival , USA
2019 World Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
2019 Ecuador Documentary Film Festival
2019 FREDD Festival, Toulouse, France

Filmography as director
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2009 Congo: Oil Gotten Gains (Documentary short)
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Christopher Walker is a multi award-winning producer, director of documentaries for international television.