Stunned, I Remain Alert

Henrique Amud, Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos | Brazil 2020 | 15 Min. | OmeU

World Premiere

The Brasilian journalist and human rights activist Dermi Azevedo, now struggling with Parkinson, retells his life story entangled in the protest against the regime. Torture is as much part of the story as the loss of his son, who experienced the cruelty of his father’s arrest early on and took his life years later. With this personal narration, Azevedo draws parallels to the contemporary Brasilian and global politics by raising his voice against the non-persecution against torture. Through partly historical, partly actual, and partly unorthodox archive footage, Stunned, I Remain Alert enables us to peek into a dark era of Brasilian history. Through his profoundly personal and expressive montage, Azevedo warns against a repetition of a shattering period.

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Director: Henrique Amud & Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
Edit: Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
Camera and Sound: Felipe Mondoni, Henrique Amud
Producer: Henrique Amud, Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos, Henrique Amud & Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos

Biography Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos is a producer on feature films such as “Kabadio”, “Canastra Suja” and “Death Inhabits at Night” (Premiering at the 2020 Rotterdam Film Festival), as well as award-winning short films “Ao Final da Conversa Eles se Despedem com um Abraço” and “Repulsa”.
“O Vestido de Myriam”, his first narrative short as a director, has been selected to more than 90 international festivals. He’s currently in editing his first feature, a documentary about legendary Brazilian actor Grande Othelo.

 Biography  Henrique Amud
 Henrique Amud is a screenwriter and researcher working in Rio de Janeiro. His past credits includes the shorts”Artificial”; (2011) and “Nelson Pereira dos Santos – The Pleasure of Making Movies” (2011), as well as tv programs “Os Varandistas” (Canal Brazil, 2016) and “Vamos Brincar Lá Fora” (Nickelodeon, 2017). His first feature as a writer is the documentary “Como Você Me Vê?” (Canal Brazil, 2017), and his next documentary as writer and researcher is the upcoming “Othelo the Great”, by Lucas H. Rossi.